#34 How can know if my child is ready to be baptized?

Pastor Joe,

My –yr old showed interest in being baptized but I’ve been putting it off thinking he isn’t ready. How do you know when a child can make such an important decision? Thank you for your help with this!

~ A Concerned Parent

Dear Concerned Parent,

Generally I judge this by whether or not the child grasps the concept of sin and what it does to our relationship with God. If they understand how sin separates us from God and therefore we are no longer in a relationship with Him, then they can understand the concept of Grace and Forgiveness and what God’s done to fix this problem. If a child understands the basics of salvation, then all they need to know about Baptism is that it’s a time of “show and tell”. It’s a time when we can demonstrate what God has done in our life (His salvation through Jesus Christ). Most parents want to wait until their child “fully understands” the symbolism…and the “weight” of this moment. When generally, whether or not their baptism moment is significant in their life has more to do with how their parents follow it up in the days, weeks, and years to come. It’s for this reason; I encourage parents to celebrate this moment as they would a sweet 16, a graduation, or some other “BIG EVENT” in their child’s life.

~ Joe

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  • http://www.momentsofelegance.com Hillary

    Baptism is the rite of initiation into the community of faith. It is important for me to have my child get baptize but we must not forget the real essence of baptism. Teaching good values and faith in the church is essential in every parents part.

    • http://empoweringfamilies.wordpress.com empoweringfamilies

      Hillary, thanks for you thoughts! One main point I make when I talk with parents is that Baptism is in fact the 1st step of obedience for a believer and because of this, it’s important for our children to be baptized after they choose to believe. Dads and moms certainly are on the front line in this disciple making process. Great Stuff!