Book Review “Faith at Home” By: Mark Holmen

Review by Craig Jutila

Great Quotes

“For the past several decades, the Church has poured time, energy and resources into creating and implementing entertaining and educational programs. Yet these programs have done very little to equip parents to pass on faith to their children.”

“Children begin to disengage as they reach their late teen or early young adult years because the faith they experienced was a program they attended at church rather than a lifestyle they lived at home.”

“They might come to church on a regular basis or enroll their children in church programs, but when it comes to talking about faith, praying together, reading the Bible in the home or doing devotions as a family, these practices simply aren’t happening.”

“We agreed that our success as a church would not be wrapped up in buildings, programs or numbers but in the impact the ministry had on bringing Christ and Christ like living into the home.”

Quote of The Book

“I love the Church, but not at the expense of my family.”

What Should Be Going on In The Home?

Pray in the home? Read the Bible with their parents at home? Performed a service project as a family? Engage in some sort of faith talk with their mom at least once per month? Engage in some sort of faith talk with their dad at least once per month?

Parents have the most power and influence over the habits and disciplines formed in their children.

A Growing Relationship With Jesus Christ Can Be Defined By Four Things

1. Loving and following Jesus Christ

2. Living out faith at home

3. Becoming connected and engaged in the church

4. Making a difference in the community and world

Craig’s Thoughts

1. Get the book. (It’s well worth the read. Mark is a former senior pastor and “get’s it” when it comes to faith at home)

2. Read the book (I had to condense from my condensed version. There is a lot of good stuff here)

3. Practice what’s in the book (Nike is right. Just do it. Mark has a website you can check out)

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