By the Way – I’m Taking the Month of November Off and Maybe December Too

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November was filled with ministry, family, and turkey. Evidently, it was just too much for my schedule. I discovered this when I finally had a few minutes this morning to do a little writing and realized that I haven’t blogged since October.

My first thought: “Holy Cow! I’m terrible at this!”

My second though: “It Happens.”

You see, sometimes life just takes over. One lesson I’m learning though is this: My family is more important. (My sanity is more important too.)

Unfortunately in the past, I have beaten myself up over not checking off all the boxes on my to-do list.

The reality is: sometimes they just don’t get checked off.

I try to workout just about every day, but I don’t get to. I try to spend a few minutes each morning writing, but I don’t get to. I try to have uninterrupted quiet times, but I don’t get to.

What I do get, is time with my family. I get to help my kids with homework. I get to do the dishes. I get to spend 30 minutes looking for hats and gloves before school. I get to run to the store and spend an extra 30 minutes with the woman I love. I get to snuggle up on the couch with my daughters and watch “Elf”.

So here I am at the beginning of December and I have a lot of boxes still unchecked from November. I’m beginning to feel the pressure of Christmas coming and time slipping away. I have several major projects at work going on right now and I’m not quite sure how they’re all going to get done. We have school programs, parties, and concerts. But one thing I know for certain is this: We’re going to get homework done each night. We’re going to do dishes. We’ll find the hats and gloves, and I’m going to run several trips to the store with my wife and kids.

And that’s going to be great!

If you’re feeling the “Holiday Pressure” too… Just relax! It Happens!



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