Craig_Jutila_BW_160“I have known Joe McGinnis for over ten years. I can remember the first time I heard him speak. I invited him to teach a workshop track on leadership at a conference I was hosting. Out of the ten people that were invited Joe’s workshop was the first one I stopped at to have a listen. I didn’t get to the other nine that day. My first thoughts of Joe were a captivating style of teaching, compelling information and a fresh way to approach leadership. Little did I know that was only the tip of the leadership iceberg. Since that time I have come to learn an abundance of leadership from Joe. The unique way he approaches the topics of leadership and family are fresh and applicable. It’s not just knowledge, it’s his conviction. Having been friends with Joe for the last several years I have come to appreciate his style, his integrity, his drive and his commitment, especially to his family. Working together with Joe and collaborating recently on a project has shown me a side to Joe that I assumed was always there but hadn’t had the opportunity to watch it in action. Along with his visionary style of leadership he has a resolve to not only start something on time but finish it on time as well. A characteristic absent in most visionary styles of leadership Joe artistically combines vision with a timeline and moves teams to make a difference in their own loves and in the lives of those they seek to serve. I can’t say enough about Joe. Leader, Creator, Visionary, Thinker, Collaborator, Unique, One of a Kind. A man of Integrity, a Dad of Conviction a Friend who Empowers. He is an equipper of leaders and encourager of families. He truly is a catalyst for healthy change in leadership and family life and ministry.”

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“Joe cares about families and seeing families win. He has a proven track record of coaching families to move towards success! Joe has personally helped me become a better husband and parent. Having known Joe and his family for more than 12 years and seeing the results in his ministry, I can highly recommend him to you!”

Paul Alexander
Executive Pastor, Sun Valley Community Church
Helping Churches Make Vision Real

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“Many parents struggle to maintain influence with their kids as they progress through key developmental tasks. Joe McGinnis has developed a model to resource pastors and family ministry leaders seeking to come alongside parents as they raise children to be committed followers of Christ in an often hostile culture. The In-Gauge parenting model helps parents to recognize how they can most effectively support their children through the challenges presented by school, peers, culture and the longing for independence. Our community is fortunate to have a leader with Joe’s insight and experience.”
Stephen Grcevich, MD
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Northeast Ohio Medical University
Chairman, Board of Directors, Key Ministry
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“Joe McGinnis has been on the leading edge of ministry for years and brings his wealth of personal and professional experience to the In-Gauge Parenting Model–a model that is practical and empowering. Too often it seems as if those seeking to lead other parents don’t actually live in the real world, at least not in the same world as my friends and me. Having known Joe and his family for eight years, I’ve seen these principles in play and I trust him because he lives what he teaches. Joe is a fresh voice and has wisdom to offer to families of all makes and models. It’s easy to recommend Joe to you!”

Jason Eads

Director of Kids’ Club, Oakley