“Holy Crap, It’s Communion Sunday”


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Okay moment of transparency. If you’re a pastor you’re going to understand what I’m talking about here, but if you’re not, you might find this one slightly offensive. A few weeks ago we were planning our Sunday service… you know, trying to figure out the timing for worship songs, and the message, and things like that when all of a sudden I looked at the schedule realized it was communion weekend.

Maybe your church is not like ours, but we have communion once a month.

When I looked down and saw that the Sunday that I was preaching was communion I couldn’t help but say the first thing that came into my head,” Holy crap, it’s communion Sunday”. You can just guess how that went over in the room. Someone quickly chimed in “Holy Crap”??? Is that how we approach communion here? Everything I did to try to explain what I meant by my reaction fell to the waste side.

Now before you judge me too harshly, you have to understand what I’m meant. I am in no way, shape, or form against communion. As a matter of fact I love communion and want it to be a significantly meaningful time for our church family. The issue that I had was trying to work it into service in such a way that it maintains its high significance. My message was already complete and communion would completely change the tone of the service from what I felt God had led me to preach.

You see, I have an issue with doing something simply because we feel like we have to do it. Communion, baptisms, prayer nights, Sunday night services, offering… All things I might have said “holy crap” about at some time.

So what you think? Is it more important that we have communion on the first Sunday of the month, (or every week) for the sake of having it available for individuals? Or is there wiggle room? Harder Question: Is there ever a time when having something great like communion could be a bad thing? Counterproductive? Or not?

Just something I struggle with sometimes…


(DISCLAIMER: I know that the phrase “HOLY CRAP” is an ugly phrase and is rarely appropriate in describing ANY event… least of which, communion. All I can say is that Jesus and I talked it over and he said it’s all right.)


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