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Ankle Surgery

Ok, this is the first post I’ve written out of pain. I’m not speaking metaphorically. I’m not talking about my inner emotional pain or turmoil, or anything like like that. I’m talking about a “bite on the stick, cold sweat, rip the head off a stuffed animal” kind of pain. Thursday, I had surgery on my ankle. For those of you who really know me, you know that I have had weak ankles all my life.

I remember in high school, twisting my ankle after coming up a little too short in my pole-vaulting attempt at 14 feet. Ouch. I’ve twisted it on all-weather tracks, wrestling mats, in the woods, and even mowing the lawn. Just a few years ago I twisted it at work in Indiana causing it to swell to a rather abnormally huge size. I’ve twisted my ankle at least once a week for at least twenty years. And come to find out… I’ve broken my ankle twice and have torn all the exterior ligaments. Ouch, ouch!

So now here I sit on day three (said to be the most painful day of recovery) in my bed wishing the pain away. Do you know what the hardest thing about this is? A few days ago, my ankle felt fine! That’s right…fine! I didn’t have this surgery to stop immediate pain or to get me back on my feet again. Nope, this surgery was  to correct the reoccurring problem (sprains, twists, and breaks) at the root cause.

I can’t help but to think about the people I’ve worked with in counseling. We go through some pretty rough stuff. Sometimes it’s to stop the bleeding. Sometimes it’s to get them back on their feet, but many times it’s a “scheduled surgery” designed to get to the root cause of their problems.

I love the quote:

“You change for two reasons: Either you learn enough that you want to, or you’ve been hurt enough that you have to.”

So, how have you been doing? How’s the marriage? How’s work? How’s your own personal disciplines? Are you stuck in a reoccurring pattern of hurt? Have you been bandaging it up time after time or is time to get to the root of the issue.

Going into surgery is painful, but they tell me it’s worth it in the long run.

And although the verdict is still out… I’m trusting they’re right on this one.

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