Marriage Mondays…Brag on ’em

A little praise and encouragement goes a long way….so brag on him/her. Openly sharing your pride in your husband/wife shows others that you admire your spouse. I cringe when I hear couples put each other down or complain about one another in public. Degrading your spouse can be toxic. Instead, take the time to share something positive or successful that your spouse recently has done whether it is working hard each day to provide for your family or achieving a goal he or she has been working on. Brag on him/her in public or when you are out with your friends.


Be specific. Watch…you will build his/her self-confidence and will do wonders for your relationship. Don’t shy away from complimenting him/her in front of your children. It is healthy for them to see their parents admiring and building each other up. So the next time you notice your spouse working hard, looking sexy, helping around the house, or simply just being wonderful. Tell them!


Simple Tips

1. Make a list of things you admire about your spouse….give it to him/her.

2. Write a thank you note and leave it where they will find it…on the mirror, in the car, on their pillow.

3. Facebook a “brag post” and tag them in it.

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