Marriage Mondays…Don’t let History Die

Here’s another great post by my beautiful bride:

Every relationship has history. Joe and I have a lot of stories from the last 18 years of being together. 2 years of dating and 16 years of marriage. We often relive our past and laugh at funny things that have happened through the years or remind each other of hard things we have gone through and weathered together. From the time we lived on $12 a week for groceries to the time when we went bridge jumping of railroad tracks! We have inside jokes that are just between the two of us that no one else knows, but us two. Keeping those memories alive strengthens our relationship and makes “us” more “us”. Reliving your memories makes your cherish your relationship and your future.


Simple Tips

1. Make a list of things that first attracted you to your spouse and give it to him/her.

2. Relive the story of when your first met or your first date.

3. At dinner, tell your children a funny story about you two

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