New Years Resolutions

Here are my resolutions this year… Yes, I usually make my resolutions before New Years… Dec.27 to be exact:

2011 Goals



Lose 10lbs – diet (sugar) and workout

Gain 15lbs – workout /lift


Memorize – the book of JAMES


Paint more

Read 40 books (10 classics)


With my kids – yell less / encourage more – Play more

With my wife – Datenights

Ok… so what are some of your resolutions?

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  • jennibell

    James – Tom’s favorite book
    Nice seeing you in blogland! I’ve been following/praying for your newest addition for a long, long time!! Miss you guys. . .so glad to see you here and have you and A share your adoption journey.

  • jennibell

    Saw this post the other day and have passed it on to others. . .you might like it too. A family mission statement would be easy to articulate after this exercise 🙂

  • empoweringfamilies

    James is my favorite book as well! Tom’s a kindred spirit. I also checked out the link above. Right on! I love to come across little gems like that!

    Glad you guys found me here!