Parents of the year… Nailed it!

All you parents out there… give up! You need to relax and just come to grips with the reality that “there’s always next year”.

“Your parents are the coolest parents ever!”- 5th grade friend

Key to our success: Sometimes, just let them live dangerously.

This years method to living dangerously: ZIPLINE!



…and yes we heard about “that one kid” last year… or was it two years ago… anyway he was “somewhere” and they had a zipline and he flew into the tree and broke like two or three limbs.

…and yes we know we’re supposed to have something like 50 rules about the zipline to keep our kids perfectly safe.

…and yes we know this is VERY dangerous.

…and yet despite all the advice to bubble-wrap our kids and force them to say indoors and play video games and watch Sponge Bob we chose to let them be outside and dangerous this Summer!

Result: “The coolest parents ever!”

Good luck next year.


Advice: I don’t think a trampoline will do it – we’ve got that too!


What things do you let your kids do to be a little dangerous sometime?

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