Prayer and the Holy Spirit’s Role in Parenting


A couple years ago I read a great book called L’ABRI (pronounced La Bree) by Edith Schaeffer.  She quoted her husband Francis. It really struck a cord with me in thinking about churches today and how “things are done”… the more I think about it… it really relates to my parenting too.

“Supposing we had awaken today to find that everything concerning the Holy Spirit and prayer removed from the Bible – that is, not removed the way the liberals would remove it, but that God had somehow really removed everything about prayer and the Holy Spirit from the Bible. What difference would it make practically between the way we worked yesterday and the way we work today, and tomorrow? What difference would it make in the majority of Christians’ practical work and plans? Aren’t most plans laid out ahead of time? Isn’t much work done by human talent, energy and clever ideas? Where does the supernatural power of God have a real place?”


It’s challenged me to answer the question in my life.  What if prayer and the Holy Spirit were gone… would its absence change anything within my daily patterns or how I live my life? Some days… I’m sure it would… most days… not too sure. I try to do so much in my own power and strength. I forget to look for the miraculous. I kinda feel like I’ve been robbing myself of some blessings. How about you? As a parent, how dependent are you on the Holy Spirit and Prayer?




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