Priorities, Values, and Some Great Christian Marriage Resources

Christian Marriage

You might have noticed the last couple weeks have been a little less consistent with the posting. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that it’s bothering me a bit. So why the inconsistency? Simply put: Life has been crazy and I’m desperately tying to keep my priorities straight.

Next week I’m planing on posting a little more on priorities and habits, so I’ll hold off until  then, but for now here’s the thing, this week I’ve had 2 priorities under attack:

 #1 Family First!

This is a family value that Aime and I have and it’s been tough. Work has been tough… School schedules have been tough… and when all “hades” is breaking loose you need to stick to your guys and say no to some good things.

 #2 Your Best is Good Enough!

This is another family value that we have. On one hand it helps fight against perfectionism. On the other hand it’s reminding me that I have an obligation to only deliver my best content on the his site. I’ve been tempted over the past couple weeks to sit down and crank out a few quick “cheap” posts. Why? Just to have them. Just to stay on schedule.  (NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON)

So, here’s my apology and hopefully my encouragement to you:

“Stick to your guns when the pressure is on. Hold to your values when everything else is asking you to take a shortcut.”


This morning, I asked this question on Facebook:  Click HERE to go to the page and see the updated list.

 Christian Marriage


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