Ricky Gervais Accepts Christ!

Praying for you

Ricky Gervais Accepts Christ! 

That’s the headline I want to see on tomorrow’s newsstand! (Sorry for disappointing you… it hasn’t happened yet.) I started praying for this a couple months ago.

In case you didn’t know Ricky is an outspoken atheist…  or what I meant to say is, He’s an outspoken, antagonistic, atheist. He also happens to be an amazing actor and comedian with an incredible amount of influence. Several years ago I was challenged by Bill Brown (former president of Cedarville University) to pray for our popular musicians, actors, and entertainers.

I was reminded again of this challenge a couple months ago when Chris, our Lead Pastor, challenged us on whether or not our prayers are as big as our God. After that message, the picture of Ricky went on my wall directly above my computer at work. Now I pray several times a day for Ricky Gervais. I’m praying that Christ grabs a hold of his heart and that he surrenders his life to Him. A real Damascus road experience.

I am praying for Ricky. Who are you praying for?

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