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This summer flew by! It seems like every year, our summer break is shorter and shorter. It was just yesterday that we turned off the 6am alarm clock and celebrated freedom from oppression… I mean school. Now, here I sit one week back into the pattern of school bus routes, sports practices, and homework. What happened to my summer? No more swimming. No more afternoon picnics… this stinks!

Now with the ranting over, I do want to say that I love it that we’re about to enter into one of my favorite seasons here in North-East Ohio, the Fall. In just a couple weeks the trees will begin to change color. The air is going to grow colder again and you’ll literally be able to smell Football in the air. I love the Fall! I love the change in season. Summer is great, but to be honest, it can drag out a little too long for my taste.

Guess what? I’ll have a similar rant when the Fall turns into Winter. I hate it and I love it. And then another when Winter turns to Spring. I hate it and I love it.

Seasons. They come and they go… and most of the time, there’s nothing we can do about it. Now if you’re like me, you love the change of seasons. I think I like the change of seasons, because I just like change. I love it when something new or unexpected happens. I love variety. I love newness. I love options.

This is certainly true with the seasons of the year, and it’s just as true with seasons of life.

Preschool, high school, new job, new home… new haircut, doesn’t matter- bring it on.

I understand that you’re probably not like me though. So let’s quickly look at three things that happen when we enter into a new season of life.

When we start a new season we always have the potential of:

Losing Something

You don’t change from something familiar to something new without losing a little. You’re always going to miss something of the past. I’ve even seen this when I moved to ”something better”. It’s amazing how after a little bit of time, I can look back at the past and forget so much of what drove me crazy. All of a sudden, things weren’t that bad.

Once, I had to make a change that I wasn’t cool with. I didn’t want the change, but I had to accept it. When that happened, I really felt like I had lost something of value. I learned during that time that it’s ok to mourn over the loss, it’s just not ok to stay there as the victim. It’s my belief in God’s sovereignty leads me to believe that he’s in all change, even the ones I don’t like.


When we start a new season we always have the potential of:

Gaining Something

New season, new beginning. Every season of life ushers in the potential of a new beginning. A new job often times brings a new schedule, a new challenge, and even a new reward. New seasons bring with it the potential of a fresh start. Too many times I get caught up in fighting the change and I waste valuable time where I could be “taking new ground”. I had a coach once that taught Judo. Mastering Judo is mastering the ability to redirect momentum to your advantage. When you’re able to redirect momentum, every new pressure possess potential. Most new seasons (good and bad) will possess potential. We just have to learn to redirect it.


When we start a new season we always have the potential of:

Learning Something

An old Chinese saying says, “Everything is a teacher to those who want to learn.” I have found this to be true time and time again. No matter who you are and what new season is beginning, there’s something new to be learned. Take the time to reflect on the previous season of life and see if you didn’t learn something new through that experience. Now begin looking towards this new season with the excitement and anticipation of your next lesson.


Whether it’s moving day, job change, graduation day, or a birthday here’s three final thoughts on “Seasons”:

  1. Appreciate each season. I’ve learned this with my children. Aime and I have tried to appreciate each and every season with our kids. If every seasoned parent is telling us to appreciate it, because “they grow up too fast”… there must be something there for us. And guess what we’ve discovered? They grow up too fast! Even the tough seasons have taught us valuable lessons like patience and discernment.
  1. Be obedient in each season. This is a tough one. Too many times I catch myself looking forward to the next season with either anticipation or dread. So much so, that I forget to actually “live” in this season. One thing most of us know is that regardless of your circumstance, God wants us to obey. So think about what has God called to you to DO during this season… and obey! Instead of complaining… just make sure you’re obedient today. Instead of spending every minute counting down the hours until the next season… just make sure you’re obedient today. Pastor Steven Furtick said this the other day, “For the follower of Jesus, the opposite of success is not failure. The opposite of success is unfaithfulness. If you are faithful (obedient) in ALL that you do, God will even use your failures to bring about the best.” Bottom line: Be obedient today!
  1. Choose victory, not victim. “Greater is He that lives in you than he that is in the world.” – I John 4:4 Too many times we resign to being the victim. The God of the universe that lives in me is greater than any life circumstance. He’s greater than any job, any boss, any school, any illness. He’s just greater.


What season are you finding yourself in today? Has it changed recently? Is it tough? Hang in there. It’ll change again soon enough. Is your new season awesome? Hold on to it and enjoy it, because it too with change soon enough as well. One thing I know about “Seasons” is that they’re constantly changing. I for one am choosing to enjoy the change and trying with all my heart to remain obedient to what God has called me to DO today. How about you?

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