Stop Taking Parenting Advice from Just Anyone!

I’m so pumped to be guest posting for Craig Jutila over at Empowered Living today. You all met Craig Jutila a few days ago when he posted (HERE). BE sure to head over and check out his site at



In a day and age of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and Pinterest I’ve seen a phenomenon that’s really beginning to bother me. The problem with social media is that it’s so…social. Everyone has an opinion about everything these days. Ok, I realize that this is not new. What is new though, is the ability for virtually everyone to have a platform to speak his or her thoughts and opinions.

I’ve watched people on Facebook and blogs give opinions on topics and issues of which I know they have no expertise. I’ve also sat horrified to watch innocent people hurt as they took this advice and attempted to apply it to their situation… (Keep Reading)

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