The Internet – the Upside and Downside for your child

We’ve received some great feedback so far with ideas and suggestions. One topic that’s been brought up before was that of Internet safety and all that jazz…


This is one I think we’ll get right into. This is a topic that is generally very touchy and can lend itself to being very scary and depressing.  With that in mind I thought I’d start off on a couple positive notes. As we know the Internet IS an amazing tool. Without it, I’d have to call each of you and read this post. Not a lot of fun.


There are generally three views of the Internet:

1. The Internet is dangerous and should be avoided!

2. The Internet is awesome… just embrace it!

3. The Internet is an awesome tool… learn to use it right!


As you probably think, I fall into the last camp. The Internet is an awesome tool. It’s an amazing resource that is changing the world. Like anything though, it has it’s downside.


I read a doctoral dissertation a year ago from a Doctoral candidate in South Africa. He did an amazing job comparing the creation of the Internet with the creation of the printing press. Here’s a few of the highlights that I remember about the introduction of the printing press:


Communication increased dramatically

Communication became a lot more impersonal

Communication become easier

People loved it!

People hated it!

It was viewed as dangerous

It was viewed as the greatest resource to date


So as we move forward – here’s the point… we’re on this journey whether we like it or not. I imagine years from now someone will have this discussion about the next big thing and point back to the Internet and use it as an example of how it was feared and revered.  Either way, we’re going to take a week to look at some of the Ups and Downs to this resource.


Coming Up:

The Upside of the Internet for your child – Creating a private blog

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