Top 10 Lessons I have Learned in 2017

It seems like every blogger out there is posting their “2017 Summaries”. For some, this is their financials and others it’s a summary of their very best blog posts.

For me…

Since I have no financials and have only blogged 5 times this last year, I have decided to simply post the Top 10 Lessons I have Learned in 2017


LESSON ONE: “People come First”

This year has been filled with its ups and downs. I have seen many injustices and have heard many hurtful comments all of which have reminded me that people need to come first. Too many personal wars are waged simply to prove that one side is better than the other. We’ve seemed to have forgotten that when it is all said and done, we need to be able to live with one another.

I choose to not fight senseless battles simply to prove that I am right.


LESSON TWO: “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care”

This is an oldie but a goodie… and it is true. Much like the first lesson, if I intend to “win someone over to my side” I first have to show them that I truly care about them.

I choose to have people walk away from me knowing that I value them.


LESSON THREE: “You can’t work in the mud without getting a little dirty”

As a pastor I have the opportunity and privilege to sit with people during difficult circumstances. I also have the burden of walking with them through some of life’s messiest situations. I cannot allow my fear of what other people think of me to stop me from showing the love of Christ to hurting people.

I choose to step into the mud with those looking for help.


LESSON FOUR: “Common sense is often uncommon”

A friend of mine told me this phrase several years ago. And year after year I have learned the lesson again and again. Sometimes it surprises me that I am still surprised.

I choose to bring common sense into my life circumstances.


LESSON FIVE: “My understanding of God’s goes hand in hand with my understanding of God’s Word”

The more that I study the Bible the more than I have learned that it holds the keys to life. Yes, eternal life through Jesus Christ, but also real meaningful life here and now.

 I choose to be a student of the message that God has given me.


LESSON SIX: “Parenting is hard”

Aime and I have six children…  enough said.

I choose to not hold myself to an unrealistic standard, but except the reality that parenting is just hard sometimes.


LESSON SEVEN: “Discouragement still follows obedience”

Over this past year we have focused on obeying God. There are many times when we don’t understand why he is asking us to do something; however, we obey. God is always faithful to honor obedience! However, despite the blessings I have also learned that Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. The best way he can do that in my life is through discouragement. People let me down. Situations don’t work out quite like I expected them. And many other things like that brings discouragement.

I choose to not allow discouragement to take hold of my heart.


LESSON EIGHT: “The only two people that I need to impress is my wife and God”

I heard Pastor Steven Furtick say this phase this year! It’s now mine! 🙂

God has a wonderful plan for my life… And so does everyone else. It is impossible for me to please everybody all of the time. I have tried to pursue that from time to time… Only to be left exhausted and greatly disappointed.

I choose to focus on impressing my Wife and God! – If they are happy with me, then that is all that matters.


LESSON NINE: “There are few things truly important in life”

Plans come and go. Dreams come and go. School, work, and material things come and go.  The only thing that truly matters is my relationship with God and how I live that out in my home and my areas of influence.

I choose to keep the main thing the main thing.


 LESSON TEN: “People are the way they are for a reason”

Every year I have learned this lesson. Every ridicule I receive comes from personal pain. Every bad decision comes from a plethora of difficult life situations. Every judgmental look comes from someone who’s been judged, and on and on…

I choose to seek to understand why people are the way they are before I judge.


These are mine. What are some lessons that you’ve learned?



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