Top 5 Posts from September

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Thanks so much for making September such a great month! It’s been fun to see the interaction on both the blog and the Facebook Page. You made these the top 5 Posts from this last month. If you missed out on any of them, here they are all in one place for your convenience!

1. Christian Parenting Caught in a Hectic Life

One reoccurring theme that keeps coming back to me again and again is that of margin. I hear it every day in counseling appointments. I hear it on podcasts I listen to… and I hear it continuously replayed again and again in my head. It seems as though we’re alway looking for margin in our lives. As parents trying to go at this parenting thing in a Christian parenting way, margin is crucial for finding a balanced life.

2. How to “Stick With it” During the Tough Seasons of a Christian Marriage

The situation looks like this: A husband or wife is sitting across the table with their head in their hands and they’re wondering what went wrong. The marriage started off great. Lots of sex. Lots of little notes. They washed dishes together and they never had to ask for anything. But somewhere along the way, their spouse became selfish and / or self-centered. To them, it feels like they’ve woken up in a bad dream… a different marriage and a different life. What happened to the strong Christian Marriage we signed up for?

3. Labor Day – Time to Re-Think Why You Do What You Do

Why not use this “Labor Day” to think about why we labor the way we do. There was time when I was wrapped up in wanting more and having notoriety and to be honest, it was one of the driving forces for most of my decisions. As a result I became a people-pleaser and very insecure. I like to think that I had my “Ladder of Success” propped up against the wrong values and priorities.

4. Creative Dates for Less Than $10.00 – Photo Tour

One thing we all like to do as couples is thinking about the fun places we’ve been together. Far too often we forget how much fun we can have locally. Set up a series of photo shoots within 10 minutes of your home. Think of a local park, your town, cool buildings, restaurants, crosswalks, and places like that.

5. Creative Dates for Less Than $10.00 – Coffee Break

I almost didn’t post this one, because it was too “simple”, but after some thought I decided that I really should. So many times we think we need to make our date nights this huge deal when in reality sometimes it only takes a good cup of coffee to reconnect with your spouse.

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