What is “IN”GAUGE Parenting

Learn to raise your voice in a loud world!

Joe McGinnis helps parents discover “In”Gauge parenting, a parenting model which utilize appropriate parenting voices with their children during every stage of development. Every child is on a journey of Independence. This journey is both healthy ansd natural. It is the journey we all take in becoming independent from our parents. As a child navigates through this journey they pass through several stages of development (i.e. Early Childhood Years, Elementary Years, Middle School years, High School years, and College / Adult years.)What we often forget is that fathers and mothers are also on a similar journey. There’s is a journey of discovering and utilizing various different parenting voices for each life stage. (i.e. Early Childhood Years – Parenting Voice of Protecting , Elementary Years – Parenting Voice of Teaching, Middle School years – Parenting Voice ofModeling, High School years – Parenting Voice of Coaching, and college / adult years – Parenting Voice of Mentoring.) In-Gauge parenting challenges parents to gauge whether or not they are utilizing the appropriate “voice” in the life of their child and offers encouragement and help for each parenting stage.

 Parenting Voices